wishin all these german exchange students were gay *sheds tear*

Anonymous: How many followers do you have?

enough (:

Anonymous: Do you have a Twitter or Instagram?

i have both!
insta: @leximckelley
twitter: @probablylexi

Anonymous: Honestly girls like you make me wish I lived in the states.

proud to be an american (sometimes)

Anonymous: How'd peeps even get your number O.o

your guess is mine

Anonymous: i think you're absolutely adorable and we have a lot in common. i wanna talk to you off anon so bad but i'm intimidated :-( one day i'll work up the courage

i’m like the least intimidating person ever! fun fact, i won easiest to talk to in school, so don’t be intimidated!

Anonymous: Do you like girls taller or shorter than you?

usually my height or taller but i don’t really care that much

Anonymous: do you have any colleges in mind? :)

im staying in pa that’s all i know for sure!

Anonymous: Well I'm only 5'2" so its perfect :)

ok tbh i lied I’m only 5’3.5

Anonymous: how tall are you?

a lot of people always expect me to be tall but im only 5’4 so don’t be disappointed pls hahaha

Anonymous: are you interested in anyone right now? or in starting a relationship anytime soon?

i don’t really want to start anything serious until i leave for college just bc of my mom but im up to talking and making friends until that time comes!

Anonymous: Can you please just not be over girls?

ok i won’t

Anonymous: It's damn boring with out that team ship stuff n drama with that other swell blog lmao

that ship has sailed we don’t even talk anymore lol

Anonymous: are you in college?

not yet

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