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Anonymous: Do you plan on waiting until marriage or just the right person in general?

just a girl i truly care about.

Anonymous: So I'm doing the same thing with waiting! People think I'm so dumb for doing so but I really want it to mean something

idk we’re all raised different ways, so we all have different thoughts on things. we can be lame together, oh well!

Anonymous: That is awesome that you are waiting for the right person. I did the same thing and I couldn't be happier that the first and only person I have slept with is my girlfriend. I think what you are doing is amazing

haha thanks, some people think it’s kinda lame, but whatever. i think it’s the best gift you can give someone you care about.

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watching csi miami and cuddling with my favorite girl all day
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bad luck is losing your remote during abcfamily’s 12 o’clock “let god be your savior” hour

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Chest deep, I risked my phone’s life to take this